New Field Training Uniform (FTU)

There is a new Field Training Uniform (FTU) that was introduced over the summer.  Returning Cadets were asked to provide their measurements and forward them to 2Lt Lamb and OCdt Piddocke. Please complete page 1 of the Uniform Measurements PDF. For those new Cadets to our Squadron, please have your parents assist you with measurements …

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Flight Ground School

Eligible Cadets that are interested in flight ground school can now apply online. Ground school will be done virtually.

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Returning Cadets

Returning Cadets please fill out this Form. This is for Returning cadets so we have the correct contact information for them.  They need to fill out the form with their parents email and phone number as well as their own email and contact info.  After Admin has their emails, they will be receiving an email …

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National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group

Tasking Order 001 Campaign Plan – Move to Phase 3 within a COVID Environment

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Physical Activity Tracker

Physical Activity Tracker MX04 Standard Please submit your completed trackers to

Registration for 2020-21

Cadets are welcome to register throughout the year, once they have reached their 12th birthday. Please check out our “Join Us“ page for details.