7 June 2018 – Awards Night – Potluck

7 June 2018 – AWARDS NIGHT – Potluck sign up

2 June – Airport Day

Fun for the Whole Family

15-17 June – Year End FTX

This is the final FTX of the 2018/19 Training year. This is a very important FTX as will be putting all the knowledge the cadets have amassed this year to the test. During this weekend we will also be doing our Year end Promotions on the Saturday Evening. Timings are as follows: Departure: – The …

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02 Jun 2018 – Airport Day Sign Up

CYPK Airport Day Sign-up – 02 Jun 18 Cpls and up are being asked to volunteer, in three shifts, to help out with activities specifically at the airport for helping the Squadron facilitate a recruiting booth, and to help with Marshaling Aircraft and directing visitors around the ground of Pitt Meadows Airport. This is an …

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583 Fundraiser – Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser Click on Support a Fundraiser Click on Select Your School or Organization Choose 583 Royal Air Cadets (Maple Ridge) Shop NOW until August 10 for labels of all kinds – it’s a great way to label clothing for summer camp!

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