All Cadet activities are suspended until August 31, 2020

This shut down affects everything planned for the rest of the 2019-2020 Training year and all Summer Training programs.  Some of you were going to camp for the first time, some were going to a new camp, some were Staffing at camp, and a few were on scholarship.  We cannot express how, as Officers, Civilian Volunteers and SSC members, are disappointed for you.  You’ve joined an organization with certain hopes and expectations and we’ve worked hard to create a place to challenge, teach and encourage you.

We hope to stay engaged with you through Social Media, and hope that you engage us as well.  We love a good meme! 

We’ve come together as #583Family and we will continue on as #583Family.  Stay home and Stay Safe.

Soldier On,

Dave Miyashita
SSC Chair – 583 Squadron