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Summer Camp Application

Summer Camp Application Form 2016-17

This year’s camp selection will be based on the following criteria:
seniority, attendance on Thursdays and attendance at other squadron activities.

Note: You can apply for scholarships and regular camps at the same time. If you are not available for the entire summer please advise on your camp application under additional notes.

Please take summer camp selection very seriously as we will lose the camp allocation you were given if you decide not to go once you have been selected. It WILL NOT be given to another cadet at our squadron. This is beyond our control.

All questions should be directed to Capt. Wilcox or Capt. Baldwin.

Albert Head:

  • General Training
  • Military Band -Intermediate Musician
  • Military Band – Advance Musician
  • Basic Survival
  • Basic Aviation Technology & Aerospace
  • Fitness and Sports Instructor

Cold Lake:

  • Basic Aviation
  • Survival Instructor

HMCS Quadra:

  • Military Band – Basic Musician

Comox CFTC:

  • Advanced Aviation Course
  • Glider Pilot Scholarship
  • Power Pilot Scholarship


  • Air Rifle Instructor
  • Basic Drill and Ceremonial
  • Drill and Ceremonial Instructor
  • Basic Fitness and Sports