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Activity Request Form

Please fill out this form in its entirety. The more information the better. Please note the following:

– Activity MUST be submitted at minimum 2 weeks in advance.
– All Mandatory Fields must be completed
– Please plan an alternate location for your activity in case the location of choice is not available
– Please have a comprehensive list of materials that will be required

** Any Activity that will last more than 4 hours, must be accommodated by an Operations Order. Please send the Operations Order to 583training@gmail.com **

Drill and Ceremonial

Instructor Resources

  • Qualification Standards & Plans (QSP)

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  • Instructional Guides (IG)

  • Level 1

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  • Level 2

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  • Level 3

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  • Level 4

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  • Level 5

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Dress Regulations


Honours and Awards