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Band: The band cadets learn music theory and participate in the squadron band. Interested cadets without a music background can still join the band as some instruction and instruments are provided. The band attends the regional competitions and band cadets may also attend band courses in the summer. The band can be heard at the …

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Biathlon: Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing (winter Biathlon) or running (summer Biathlon) and marksmanship. It requires tremendous endurance and strength as well as skill and precision. A seemingly unlikely combination of events – one being an aerobic activity which requires strength, speed and stamina; the other being a passive activity which requires concentration …

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Drill Team

Drill Team: The Drill Team is a group of cadets that practice precision drill movements for the purpose of display and competition. The team spends many hours developing and practicing these elaborate drill movements and may compete in the regional or provincial drill competitions. The team also demonstrates their skill at Annual Ceremonial Review.

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Effective Speaking

Description Any cadet, from any level, may participate! Use your voice, gestures and presence to be effective at speaking in public. Increase your confidence to communicate in every day situations such as:       Networking and meeting new people;       Pilot scholarship panel interviews;       Job interviews;       Interpersonal skills – winning people over …

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First Aid

  First Aid Team: Cadets learn basic and advanced First Aid Training.  Selected Cadets will attend a First Aid Competition. Cadets participate in provincially and federally approved first aid training courses.  Formal certification of either Emergency or Standard First Aid will be received upon completion of this program.

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Range: The Range Team practices under the supervision of a Range Safety officer. Cadets that are level 2 and up can attend range for fun, but may also participate as members of the range team which may enter regional or provincial competitions. Rifle types include both 22 caliber and air rifles. Please contact Range Staff …

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