1 June – CYPK & Pitt Meadows Day

CYPK Pitt Meadows Day Sign-up – 01 Jun 19 – click here to sign up

583 RCACS is participating in both Pitt Meadows Days and CYPK Airport Days on Saturday June 1st. All cadets are required to participate in this day to support our community and help with recruiting.

Cadets are required to participate in the parade. The parade information will follow as soon as we have it.

Prior to the parade, we will need approx 12 cadets to assist with setup of our recruiting booth and to help assist any other vendors/attendee’s setup on site.

Once the parade is complete, the Squadron SSC and Officers will have a booth setup At the PM Days grounds. We will need cadets to help with promoting cadets. At the same time, we will have a contingent of cadets over at CYPK Pitt Meadows Airport assisting with the Regional Gliding and Flying school to setup.