Cadet Training Centre (CTC) opportunities for summer 2024 are now open for the submission of FORTRESS applications by corps/squadron staff. Applications for course cadets will close on 31 March 2024.

There will be an anticipated 12 CTCs in operation, offering courses for cadets who have completed year two and above. Up to date information regarding summer training opportunities will be found on the RCSU Pacific Summer Training SharePoint page. Course descriptions and prerequisites are available on 

Course dates and locations for Pacific Region cadets are outlined in  240226-1085-3-4-RCSU Pacific CTC Course Cadet Brochure.pdf. Please share the provided infographic with cadets in order to socialize available summer opportunities.

There may be an opportunity for something short term and local for Level 1 Cadets this summer.

Level 2, 3 and 4 Cadets may sign up for up to 3 courses, and as many serials of those courses as you are available for. Please indicate your preference of both course and serial time frame, and indicate whether you’re available for the whole summer or if there is a period of time you’re not available for.

Details please see CADET SUMMER TRAINING 2024 INFORMATION. Any questions on eligibility or any other questions about Summer Training please email us at