25-27 March – CFB Comox

583 RCACS will be Touring CFB Comox from Monday 25 March – Wednesday 27 March 2019 in the last week of Spring Break.

The cadets will Travel by bus from the Squadron to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. Cadets will Disembark and board the ferry on Foot. The cadets will Disembark on Vancouver Island and board a second bus and travel to CFB Comox.

Cadets will be assessed a $15.00 retainer for this trip. If the cadet Sign’s up and attends the trip, the money will be refunded in FULL. Should the cadet Sign-up and NOT attend for any reason, the retainer will NOT be refunded.

Cadets will be provided with Accommodations and Rations through out the tour.

If Cadets want to purchase Souvenirs, they are welcome too, however they are responsible to bring their own money and manage their own funds.

Timings are as Follows:
– Depart 583 LHQ NLT 14:15hrs – Monday 25 March 2019

– Arrival at 583 LHQ approx 20:40hrs Wednesday 27 March 2019

The kit list can be found on the website under the “Summer Camp” tab should you not receive the confirmation email after you sign up.

Click here for Sign Up link