7 Dec – Maple Ridge Santa Parade

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All Cadets from 583 are parading in the Maple Ridge Santa Parade. Cadets will be in full dress uniform but will wear Santa Hats, or other festive holiday hats they can find, Cadets will supply their OWN hats. 

We meet at 17:15hrs on Brown Street, just west if the Legion. We will be located in Float position 31. All cadets will have to Walk in, as Brown Street will be closed as of 16:00hrs. Please be vigilant in finding your parking spaces as Street closures will be in effect in the area.

The parade will culminate on Selkirk Avenue around 223rd Street. Cadets will be dismiss from this area. Please bare in mind, there will be road closures in effect in the area. Once dismissed, you are welcome to take your Cadet(s) home or back to Memorial Peace Park to participate in the festivities.