8 Feb – Level One Workshop Sign Up

Level One Workshop
There will be a level one workshop on Saturday Feb 8th from 0800-1600 hrs. 

This training is intended for all cadets who are in level 1 and all cadets who chose to accelerate to either level 2 or 3. Current level 2 cadets that passed level 1 last year are exempt. Current level 3 cadets who passed level 2 last year are exempt. Level 4’s are expected to attend in an instructional capacity. Level 5’s and above are expected to attend in an evaluator capacity. 

Lunch is provided see details in sign up sheet, note that due to logistical pressures we reserve the right to vary the choices available.

Date: Feb 8th 2020
Time: 0800-1600hrs
Location: LHQ
Dress: appropriate civilian clothing with parade boots in hand for the drill portion of the day.
What to bring: a water bottle, writing utensils and a positive attitude