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Sponsoring Committee

Becoming a member of the Sponsoring Committee:

Many parents ask how they can help with the squadron. The best way is to join the 583 Coronation Squadron Sponsoring Committee, which is your direct link to information about squadron activities and how you can participate.

The Sponsoring Committee is comprised of parents of cadets and is the primary sponsoring group for the squadron. Any parent can become a member of the committee by submitting an application form and being approved by the directors. We recommend that all parents become members of the committee.

Each member has one vote and the members elect the Board of Directors once a year. The Board of Directors choose the executive officers by electing a Chairperson and appointing the Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. When a Director resigns, the balance of the Board of Directors will appoint a new temporary Director to fill the vacancy until the next annual general election is held.

To join the Sponsoring Committee  an application needs to be completed and sent to the Sponsoring Committee Chairperson.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the Sponsoring Committee Executive Members.


The 583 Coronation Squadron Sponsoring Committee is responsible for raising funds for the Sponsoring Committee supported aspects of the training program, such as power familiarization flying, weekend exercises, band expenses, entrance fees and transportation for various outings, as well as rent, insurance and operating costs.

 Please check our Squadron Sponsors page for a list of generous donors to our squadron.

Committee Meetings:

The 583 Coronation Squadron Sponsoring Committee has a parents’ meeting three times each year. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Executive Meetings:

The executive of the Sponsoring Committee meets each Thursday of the month and are for executive members only.

Executive Officers and Directors:

General Inquiries

Jian Han, Chairperson
Shawn Tryon, Vice Chair
Sammi Tryon, Treasurer
Alan Fong, Secretary & Newsletter
Vacant,  Market/Screening

Charlene Breen, Past Chairperson

If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the Sponsoring Committee executive officers.


Squadron 583 Coronation appreciates donations made by the following people and companies:   West Coast Auto Group Bobby Sox Diner Extra Foods Partners in Health Mark’s Work Warehouse Tina Della Haney Sewing & sound Gyro’s Donair Big Box Outlet Casino ABC Country Restaurant Triple Tree Nursery Boston Pizza Kris Grasty – DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts …