Cadet Summer Training-CAP & CTC 2023

Please note that all resources for CAP & CTC 2023 can be found by clicking CTC/CAP – 2023 from the RCSU Pacific SharePoint Homepage or at the direct links provided below. Please note that has also been updated with preliminary information for Summer 2023. Summer 2023 will also see the implementation of the Summer Digital Learning Centre (SDLC) which will deliver a series of E-Learning courses as well as E-learning components to Hybrid Courses. Access to Cadet365 is mandatory for participation.

  1.  CTC / CAP Infographic
  2.  2023 Air Summer Training Presentation.pptx
  3.  Summer 2023 CAP Info Presentation – LM.pptx
  4.  CAP Info Brochure 2023 (LM).docx

1. In order for Cadets to Register a Poll/Microsoft Form has been added to the Microsoft Teams 583 General Tab in Microsoft Teams. Please see the attached Link:

  1. Level 1 Cadets are only eligible for the Level 1 CAP (Cadet Activity Program) from 3-7 July 2023, however there are numerous locations in the lower mainland. Cadet have to be dropped off and picked up each day.
  1. Level 2 Cadets are only eligible for the Level 2 CAP (Cadet Activity Program). There is a specific date for Abbotsford and the rest of the lower mainland is from 16-24 Aug 2023. There is a weekend exercise component to this course.
  1. Level 3 Cadets are eligible for the following courses listed below. Most of these courses have both an E-Learning/Virtual pre-In-person course component. Cadets MUST be available for both portions of the course in order to be considered for registration:
  1. Level 4-5 Cadets are eligible for the following courses:                                                 

*The other courses that level 4-5 cadets are eligible for (Power Pilot/Glider Pilot Training Courses and Exchanges have already had the National Directed activity application process completed.)

2. The Cadet Correspondent, Cadet Administration and Supply Assistant, and Cyber Safety and Security Courses all require cadets to be a minimum of age 14 to apply.

3. Reminder that cadet applications for Cadet Training Centres and Cadet Activity Programs are due in Fortress NLT 15 Apr 23. Registrations must be in to by the 14th prior to 1700 hrs. Cadets will medical or other participation limitations may be restricted to some courses due to the training being undertaken.

4. Any questions related to this please email