Cultus Lake Waterslides

The park opens at 10:00am however Cadets should be dropped off at the entrance of the water slides no later than 9:30am.

The water slides get very busy so early arrival will guarantee us a good spot in line as well as ample time to sort ourselves out. It is very important that cadets arrive on time.

In order to get the “group discount” we must pay with one transaction therefore late cadets risk not being admitted. Please make sure your cadet has the signed permission form attached to this email before dropping them off.

It is very important that cadets and parents understand this activity is supervised by parents, not officers, therefore the Air Cadet League of Canada Liability Insurance does not apply. Cadets are attending at their own risk.

Admission will be paid for all cadets and lunch will be provided. Concession is available should cadets want to purchase more food items.

Pick up will be at the front entrance at 4pm. Families are encouraged to join us for the day at their own expense. If younger siblings wish to attend then parent should attend as well. The parent supervisors provided are there to supervise cadets and cadets only!

Carpooling is encouraged! See you there!

Cultus Lake Water Slides Permission Form