Day FTX Training

583 will be conducting a FTX day on Saturday November 5 & Sunday November 6 at Allco Park in Maple Ridge. Sign-Up is required.

Cadets will participate in outdoor Field Training at Alco Park. Arrival Time for cadets is 9am each day and pick-up is 4pm each day. Cadets will be provided lunch. Dress is Field Training Uniforms and is rain or shine. If you do not have Cadet Field Training boots wear appropriate shoes/boots, preferable not runners. Make sure you bring a waterproof jacket, water bottle, pen and paper. A knife less than 6 inches long is also allowed. Anyone with Food allergies please make sure they note that when they sign-up.

Subway lunch will be provided, please fill out the following form in full and indicate any dietary restrictions in the area provided. If you are attending both days, make sure you fill out the form for each day.

Lunch requested must be submitted by 2100hrs on Thursday November 3, 2022.

Please note that we will endeavour to meet your lunch order accurately as possible, however there might be substitutions that will occur as the need arises.

FTX Location