Exercise Lightning Bolt (Junior FTX) on 04-06 October 2013



Please print the Permission Slip (shown above) or the attached document with Permission Slip, cut out the Permission Slip, and bring it with you.

Kit List

04-06 October 2013
ALL personal items must be clearly marked with owner’s initials in permanent ink. Please use common sense; pack smart and pack for the weather! A thorough kit check will be conducted prior to departure. Cadets MUST submit a signed permission form or they will immediately be sent home.
a) Duffel bag or ruck sack. Airport-style luggage is not permitted.
b) Hat or toque
c) Hair elastics for females (hair must be pulled back at all times)
d) Rain gear and warm waterproof jacket.
e) Hiking boots / suitable footwear for wet weather activities.
f) Socks, thick. At least 4 pairs; – packed in plastic bags to stay dry
g) Sleeping clothes
h) Underwear (2 changes);
i) Gloves;
j) Warm Shirts / Sweaters / Pants. No jeans or capri pants are permitted.
k) Sleeping Bag, liner, and ground pad or Thermarest
A limited number of sleeping bags and liners will be available for Cadets who do not have their own.
Tents will be provided.
l) Pillow;
m) Personal Hygiene Kit – Deodorant / Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Soap / Hand Towel / Comb;
n) Shaving Kit for males
o) Sunscreen;
p) Water bottle;
q) Pen/pencil and small notebook from Dollar Store;
r) Flashlight and spare batteries;
s) Whistle
t) Plate, Knife / Fork / Spoon, Mug or Thermos;
u) Personal Kit Bag (i.e. Duffle Bag / Ruck Sack);
v) Combat Clothing (optional—purchased by the cadet. Combats may be worn on exercises instead of civilian clothing.
 Uniform slip on rank (pair—mandatory)
 Field shirt
 T-shirt
 Pants
 Boots
 Four seasons jacket (w/liner)
 Socks, wool
 Beret with brass
 Bush cap

Prohibited Items

a) Personal Electronic Devices (MP3 Players, iPods, iPads, Gaming Devices, Cell Phones etc.);
b) Food/drink (will be confiscated as it attracts animals to the camp site)
c) Items of significant personal value;
d) Sandals, flip flops;
e) Knives (instructors must have items cleared by staff). 6-inch locking knives are permitted.
f) Matches / Lighters (instructors must have items cleared by staff);
g) Non-prescription drugs and alcohol;
h) Smoking paraphernalia.