Familiarization Flying Saturday May 6, 2023

Familiarization Flying is an opportunity for cadets to experience flying in a single engine aircraft. This is at no charge to the cadet.

Please fill out the form with the most accessible information. Sign up is first come is first serve.  We will confirm with you the timing you where selected for once we have filled the sign-up quota of 18 cadets.

Dress for the day will be appropriate civilian dress.

Cadets will meet at the Langley Regional Airport  5385 216 St #305, Langley Twp, BC V2Y 2N3.

Cadets should arrive 30 mins before their scheduled time, there will be 6 shifts:

– 0900 – 1000

– 1000 – 1100

– 1100 – 1200

– 1200 – 1300

– 1300 – 1400 and

– 1400 – 1500

The shifts will be picked on a first sign up basis, accommodating for your selected time slot.


Pick-ups should be prompt at the end of their flight time. Each flight should finish by the next even hour block. For example: show up at 0830 for 0900hrs. Briefing occurs, flight departs at approx. 0900hrs return at approx. 0950 or 1000hrs. Being on time is important. Just like the airlines, flights may depart without you if you are not on time.

Any questions can be addressed to the Flying officer or Training Department.

If there is a cancellation for any reason you will be notified by email, please double check your email(s) before heading out to the airport.