In-Person Training Update

We have received the approval to resume in-person training. The exact date will be forthcoming as soon as we know whether we will be able to return completely to in-person or a combination Hybrid In-Person and Virtual alternating schedule.

When we return to in-person training Cadets will have to do the following:

  • Self-screen before they show up at the squadron. If you aren’t feeling well please stay home. There is an online Self-Assessment Tool
  • Masks are required for both indoor and outdoor activities  
  • Squadron staff will still be performing the same COVID screening questions/procedures that we did back last October/November 2020 and we will be maintaining social distancing protocols.

Our first priority is the safety of your cadets. Please read the attached letter with the information that has been provided to all Squadron staff throughout the province. It is also a requirement that if you have tested positive or been in a situation i.e. school or another activity where you have been asked to self-quarantine, Maj Taylor, needs to be advised as soon as possible.