Meridian Farm Fundraising

The BBQ season is approaching. We’re excited to announce a new fundraising activity in collaboration with Meridian Farm, ensuring you enjoy fresh meat and local handpicked produce for your grill and plate! If we purchase online gift cards with a total value of at least $1000. In return for your support, we’ll receive 30% of the total funds raised back from the farm. 

Meridian Farm offers two types of online gift cards: $20 and $100 denominations. These cards have no expiry date or loss of value, making them perfect for remote gifting or hassle-free online meat shopping with home delivery options. You can also save them for special sales events, like the weekly Tuesday to Thursday meat sales. If you love BBQ, Butchers Bundles offer the best value online—these are $100 packs of meat, which include 10-15% savings, and they qualify for free delivery.

If you’re new to shopping online with Meridian Farm, please pay attention to the notes below:

Note: gift cards are available for online use only. These are physical gift cards, each with a unique redemption code.

  • Orders are hand-packed fresh and kept chilled in the delivery box
  • Same prices as in-store
  • No sign-up or subscription required
  • Free delivery on orders over $100. A $5 fee applies to orders between $20 and $100; a $10 fee applies to orders less than $20. Fees apply to both in-store pickup and home delivery.

As we need to collect all the money raised before we pay the farm with a single check, please book the order best before May 29. You can transfer the funds via e-transfer to and fill out the order form below to indicate the quantity of cards required and the details of your e-transfer. Please be aware that there may be a two-week waiting period to receive the digital cards after we submit our consolidated order to the farm for processing.

Thank you for all your generous support. Any questions please email