National On-Line Ground School

As of this year a new National On-Line Ground school for the Glider Pilot Training Course and the Power Pilot Training Course is being run.

Cadets must be eligible (see Annex A to CJCR Group Order 8060-7 – Air Cadets National Summer Training Course Selection Process) and intending to apply for Glider or Power this year in order to take the online ground school. All cadets intending to apply for Glider or Power are now required to complete a Nationally provided online ground school. Cadets MUST sign up for and complete this ground school in order to write the exam. Access to training starts 1 October 2021 but cadets have until 7 October 2021 to register. Late registrations will not be allowed.  Email to get registered. Please also make sure when you send your request for registration that you provide your personal email address as you will receive login information for the online training.  Any Air Cadet who intends to apply for GPTC or PPTC must complete the entire 45 hours of online ground school and the selection exam by 15 January 2022.