Nominations for cadets & adults due NLT 21 Dec 2023

Reference: CANCDTGEN 014/23, CJCR Gp Adult and Cadet National Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Groups Initial Stand-up 

CJCR Group is currently soliciting nominations for advisor positions for the Cadet and Adult National Diversity and Inclusion Advisory groups. Commander CJCR Gp has directed the stand-up of the Cadet and Adult National Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Groups (NDIAGs) to support her intent to better understand and equitably support CJCR Gp audiences, and to promote and continuously evolve a healthy culture within CJCR Gp. 

To ensure equitable cadet and adult representation, and to leverage the richness of our diverse membership, we are seeking nominations from the entire squadron.  Persons interested in being selected as an advisor will have the opportunity to indicate their skills, experience, and reasons for their interest in advisor role(s) within the attached nomination form.

To support this process, all interested cadets and/or adult staff within the Squadron are to please submit their request for nominations for advisor positions per below:

  • All cadets and adults, please be aware of the opportunity to submit a nomination and of the information within CANCDTGEN 014/23 at reference;
  • If you require assistance completing the forms, let us know at the Sqn email address.  Questions will be forwarded to the Zone Trg Os or Area OC if/as required;
  • Each interested person is to ensure only one nomination form is submitted. Cadets / adults who choose to be nominated for more than one advisor position should indicate by ticking the appropriate boxes within the form;
  • The Squadron CO will review all nomination forms, and sign them. If there are more than one nomination for the same advisor position, the CO will indicate the priority given to the nomination;
  • Submit your request for nomination NLT 21 Dec 23 to allow the CO time to review, sign, prioritize and submit signed forms to the Area Officer Commanding by NLT 22 Dec 23.

NDIAG Nomination Form v4 – FILLABLE 1.pdf