Online Ground School (OGS) closes on 13 January 2024

Online Ground School (OGS) closes on 13 January 2024 at 23:59hrs.

From the Regional OGS Director:


We can provide the following guidance from SharePoint at this time, 

14-20 Jan 24: Cadets write the GPTC or PPTC Qualifying Exam, supervised by Squadron staff. It will not be completed during any other time period or without supervision. 

While most cadets will complete the Qualifying Exam through Cadet365, there will be an allowance to complete it on paper if there are computer or internet issues at the Squadron training location. 

That said, every effort should be made to complete the exam digitally.”

Please note that to complete OGS, cadets must write the practice and final exam within the Moncton Flight College training platform. The qualifying exam will be delivered separately.

Cadets should plan to complete the course well in advance of the deadline to allow for potential internet issues, power failures, or others IT problems. OGS will be shut off at 2359hrs PST on 13 Jan 24 and no extensions are possible.

Reminder, cadets should book Transport Canada Civil Aviation Category 3 Medical Certificates (TCCA Cat 3 MC) now in order to meet the deadline for certificate submission of 30 Apr 24

Medical Certificates are valid for 5 years and can be used for future applications to GTPC or PPTC if a cadet’s application is unsuccessful this year. We will provide an update in the new year regarding submission of supporting documents.