Operation Clean Sweep – March 17

Hello Parents, Cadets and Officers;

On Monday March 17th from 10am – 2pm, there will be a work party to clean up the Squadron Office/Conference Area. If you have seen them lately you would have noticed that the floor is a little dirty and there is dust flying around everywhere. And we would like to try to get rid of the DUST to make it less Allergy Central and the DIRT so it doesn’t look like a Pig Pen.

The Things that would need to be done will be:
◦Sweep floors
◦Mop floors
◦Dust off shelving
◦All door handles disinfected (not just wiped with a rag)
◦All light switches disinfected as well
◦Phones disinfected
◦All desks wiped off
◦Tables in meeting room cleaned
◦White boards cleaned
◦All garbage cans cleaned out (washed with bleach if necessary)
◦All garbage emptied
◦All picture frames cleaned and or dusted off

For those that attend, the Parents Committee is willing to go out and buy Pizza for Lunch.

We know that this is during Spring Break, so many families will be away, but if you are available we would really appreciate your help.