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High School Work Experience Program

2015 HSWE Information Brochure

Air Cadet League of Canada – Work experience program info

Participating BC Airports


Who can participate in this program?

BC students in grade 11 or 12.

What is this program?

High school students in BC must complete the High School Work Experience Program which contains 3 components:

1. Personal Health
2. Community Connection
3. Career life

As part of the Community Connection portion of the program students must complete 30 hrs of work experience or volunteer services. Since work contracts are more difficult to establish, school tend to funnel students into volunteer opportunities instead. BCPC has done all the leg work and has established work contracts with numerous companies in the aviation field.

These work experience opportunities are due to a partnership between BCPC, Aerospace Industries and the BC Ministry of Education. Here are the responsibilities of the SSC, High School, and Cadet:

SSC Responsibilities
To promote the program to the cadets
To ensure the cadet submits a criminal record check with their application
To review the completed application package along with the CO prior to the cadet submitting it to their school
To Submit the BCFWE22 (Work Experience Applicant Tracking Form) to the BCPC

High Schools Responsibility
Take the application form from the cadet and verify that he/she meets all of the requirements. (All the info the school will require is in the application package)

Cadets Responsibility
Go to the BCPC website and download the application and forms of the company he/she wishes to apply to.

Please note: Only one application is allowed.

Air Cadet League of Canada – Work experience program info  (mouse over the BC High School Work Experience Program tab to get a drop down list of participating airports)

  • Complete a criminal record check
  • Bring completed package to SSC & CO for approval
  • Photo copy package
  • Bring original copy to school and submit to teacher/counselor in charge of program
  • Contact the company to arrange an interview
  • Bring photo copy of application and any additional required paperwork (i.e. resume, release & waiver form etc.)

Once the cadet is accepted they become an employee of the government and are covered under Work Safe BC. Most jobs are a one week block of 30 to 40 hours and take place in March and/or April. The application process should begin in January to allow time for paperwork. The cadets are responsible for their own transportation to and from work. This is not a cadet program under the supervision of DND. Cadets are supervised under the Ministry of Education.

Should you or your school have any questions throughout the application process please contact Kellie at 778-996-4680 or at