Parent Volunteer Opportunity: June 1st for Pitt Meadows Day

Our squadron will be participating in the street parade at the Pitt Meadows Day to celebrate this annual event. Additionally, we’ll be setting up a booth to recruit new cadets. The booth will be open at the Pitt Meadows Athletic Park from 10:00 to 19:30. We’re inviting parents to join us and assist in recruiting new cadets by introducing the benefits of joining the cadets and answering inquiry questions. As cadets are also encouraged to volunteer for the recruit, you may consider volunteering with your children together. Please sign up the form below and indicate your availability for the shifts. We will notify you of the final arrangements before noon on May 31st based on the registration results.

*Available shifts on June 1st

1000 – 1330hrs

1330 – 1530hrs

1530 – 1730hrs

or 1730 – 1930hrs