Pitt Meadows Airshow – July 20

South Side – Layout

All cadets participating in the Airshow this weekend please see the attached revised layout. Please note the Cadet Booth will be near the military static (circled in blue) EAST on runway (right side of map). And the Aeroclub is WEST 1st bldg past the Beer/Wine Garden and in the NO PUBLIC access area.


Show Day – Itinerary


Summer Dress – Required
Bring lunch and/or snack items for yourself

Sunday July 20th, 2014
8:45 – 17:00
Pitt Meadows Regional Airport
18799 Airport Way
Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B4


8:45am – Cadets expected to arrive at the Cadet Booth (Through the Terminal and to the EAST on the runway) then go the Aero Club (on runway to the West of the tower/2 buildings North from Pacific Rim Aviation).  Kids can leave their bags and lunches etc downstairs at the Aero Club (Not allowed upstairs until invited up – Pilot Safety Briefing is underway)

9:00/9:15 approx –
Cadets invited upstairs in the Aero Club to have Meet and Greet with the Pilots and then possibly given access to the Hot Pit with the Pilots to check out the planes etc.  It would be great if the Cadets are engaged and are perhaps prepped with some questions to ask either about the pilot’s experiences, why/when they got into flying, details/specs of their planes etc. 

9:50 – Cadets will be assigned locations and get to their posts.  (2) Selling water STATIC by truck AND (2) mobile with rolling cooler, (6) Tag Day style donation collection at the 3 entry points, (2) Wing Walkers (Assisting in movement of planes and static displays as needed) and possibly a few (2) Seniors may be invited to work in the Hot Pit(To be confirmed). (2) at the Cadet booth.  I know we are 2 short here.  Raising money and recruiting are the paramount tasks.  Working the Hot Pit and/or Wing Walking would be a great bonus part way through the day….more Cadets = possible rotation in the Hot Pitt and working with planes!!!

10:00 – Airport Day opens to the public

10:50 approx – (2) Cadets to Attach and Raise the Airports NEW Canadian Flag during the National Anthem – Ceremonial duty.

11:00 – Airshow begins

1400 – Airshow ends
1600 – Airport Day ends

1600 – 1700 – Take down and pack up.
During the Day – Cadets may have lunch break on rotation 2-3/time (leaving stations adequately covered).  Lunch upstairs at the Aero Club, with private balcony view of the Airshow.  Use one table only, clean up after yourself and please act respectfully.  There may be Aero Club members utilizing this space as well and they were very generous in allowing us to use the space.

I am recommending duty rotation due to the various things going on and varied experiences and the opportunity to get out of the sun – Rotation to be arranged by Cpt. Baldwin.

I will be providing an updated South Terminal Layout a few days prior (things have changed a bit) so people know where to park/drop off and I will highlight/stamp approximate locations for the Cadet Booth, Aero Club and Station Locations.
Be on your best – You are CADETS!  Also, there will be a crew filming various aspects of the show for a Discovery Channel documentary!
If you have any questions, please email me or call my cell – 778.878.7787

Kris Grasty

Vice Chair – 583 Squadron SSC
Director – North Fraser Airshow Society
and your friendly neighborhood Mortgage Broker