Poppy Tags Nov 9th & 10th

The Maple Ridge Legion is a huge supporter of the Air Cadet program and they show this support through generous monthly donations. It is very important that we show them our appreciation by helping them with their poppy sales. If you are unsure of what shifts your cadet has signed up for please check the sign up board this Thursday. Here are a few thing you’ll need to know:
1) Dress for the weather!!!
2) If your cadet is working a full day please remember to pack him/her a brown bag lunch. Lunch will not be provided!
3) Cadets must pick up their poppies at the squadron prior to going to their assigned site. Please come into the squadron with your cadet as carpooling to and from sites will be arranged at this time. Driver volunteers are needed. All drivers will be required to provide their license number, insurance company and policy number. Cadets must drop off their remaining poppies and the money they collected to the squadron before being dismissed for the day.
The shifts are as follows:
Saturday & Sun
Morning Shift
10:15 Arrive at squadron to pick u poppies & arrange transportation
10:45 Leave for site
11:00 Arrive at site
1:00 Leave site to return to squadron
1:30 Dismissed home
Afternoon shift
12:15 Arrive at squadron to pick u poppies & arrange transportation
12:45 Leave for site
1:00 Arrive at site
3:00 Leave site to return to squadron
3:30Dismissed home
Cadets working all day will remain at their original site and will take a short break for lunch when needed. An officer will be going from site to site checking in on the cadets. All junior cadet will be placed with a senior cadet.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
583 SSC