Thunderbird NCO Workshop – Feb 10-13

Here is the final update for the NCO TC that is happening this weekend. If you have any question, please let the Training Department know ASAP.
– Any Cadets wanting to participate in the band at the parade are encouraged to do so. You’ll need to bring your instrument. Please confirm with me ASAP so that I can notify the Band Officer at 103 in advance.
Permission Form:
– Although the times on the form are incorrect, we do need the form back on Thursday or earlier. They are to be turned into the Training Office at your earliest convenience.
Course Timing are as follows:
– Drop-off: NLT 18:00hrs – Friday 10 Feb 2017
– Pick-Up: Approx 15:00hrs – Monday 13 Feb 2017

– Location:

Lieutenant Colonel James Pemberton Fell Armoury –

1513 Forbes Avenue, North Vancouver BC (Gate North of the Armouries will be open). NOTE – Cadets cannot leave the premise during the Course. Visitors must be approved by the OIC (Officer In Charge).

Graduation Parade Timings for Guests:
– Arrival Time: 13:15hrs at address above.
– End Time: 15:00hrs approx.
– Cadets need to provide the course folks their guest list when they arrive Friday. Note: the parade is for Family members and Squadron Staff (Officers/CIs/VIs). Person’s not on the guest list will not be permitted into the building for the Graduation Parade. This is a DND Facility and we must follow protocols.
Kit List Questions:
– Cadets must bring their Sleeping Bag and Air Mattress/Foamy. They will be sleeping on the floor indoors. 
– Mess Dress for Mess Dinner. ALL cadets (Males and Females) will be in their C-8 Mess Dress. Females are not permitted to wear Gowns at this event. If the cadets are absolutely unable to get a white dress shirt, the blue shirt may be worn, however they MUST have a Bow-Tie.