Squadron Standing Announcements Page

1.  Cadet 365 Accounts & Cyber Awareness course

All Existing Cadets were emailed their Cadet365 account login credentials. Cadets need to complete their Cadet 365 onboarding and their Cyber Awareness Course as it is OVERDUE! See Cadet Cyber Awareness Course for more information. In cases where a Cadet fails to self-reset their Cadet365 password using the Microsoft Password Reset option, Service Desk staff have to be involved to force reset the Cadet’s password. The new password is emailed to the squadron generic mailbox.  Step by step procedure to complete the initial onboarding and FAQ for cadets are also available on Canada.ca. The most up to date information regarding the onboarding progress will always be www.canada.ca/cadet-365.

  • UPDATED The following list of Cadets have NOT completed the Cyber Awareness Course and/or logged into Cadet365:
  • a. AC Adamyk

b. Sgt Antica

c. FSgt Baadarani

d. Cpl Christou  

e. Cpl Clunn

  • f.  AC Feng
  • g. Cpl Fong
  • h. AC Grimm
  • i. AC Hamadah
  • j. AC Han

k.  FSgt Hodgson

l. LAC Jankowski

m. LAC Kishore

  • n. AC Landrup
  • o. AC Liu
  • p. AC Lo
  • q. AC Lombardi

r. FSgt Ndiom

  • s. AC Nichols
  • t. Cpl Nogo
  • u. AC O’Driscoll
  • v. LAC Pirtea

w. Sgt Prest

x. FCpl Saunders

y. Cpl Silver

z. Cpl Song

aa.  LAC Sosnowski, J

ab.  LAC Sturch

ac. AC Wang

  • ad. LAC Wagar

ad. AC Yang

ae. FSgt Zeng and 

af. Cpl Zou

All other Cadets have completed their login and Cyber Awareness course

2. CF One Card

The CFOne Card offers rewards, discounts and services to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces Community. Don’t have a CFOne Card? Register here.

3. Duke of Edinburgh

If you are interested in the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, 14 years of age or older, or participating in it at School we would like to know. Please sign up on the Team’s signup form on the squadron homepage. We will work on doing a DoE Night in the future. If anyone wants more information on this program, please see the Duke of Edinburgh website.

4. Sqn Helpful Links

Please join and follow the Squadron’s Facebook and Instagram pages as that is the easiest way for us to post changes quickly. Here is where you can find all our information: 

5. For Cadets that have Epi-pens, please contact Lt Piddocke at 583air@cadets.gc.ca as we need to know who and how many Cadets there are in the Squadron that carry them.

6. Ongoing Fundraising

Mabels Labels: For all your labelling needs.  Put your Initial and Family Name on everything that your bring to the Squadron.

Return It: Put your bottles/cans into a clear plastic bag and secure – No sorting required.

Go to a Depot (listed below): Print 1 tag per bag by entering 604-463-9388​ at the kiosk and leave the bag at the Depot.

  • Pitt Meadows – 19090 Lougheed Hwy (Behind Save On Foods)
  • Maple Ridge – 20475 Lougheed Hwy
  • Haney – 22935 Lougheed Hwy

7. Mental Health & Awareness Resources

Kids Help Website 

Phone:  1-800-668-6868 | Text: “CAFKIDS”  to 686868

CFMAP (Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program)

Phone: 1-800-268-7708 | Family info Line: 1-800-866-4546

8. Covid policy

COVID-19: REMINDER– Effective 21 March 2023 new COVID-19 Vaccine Policy and General Disease Prevention direction has been released and the previous guidance is no longer in effect. While COVID-19 is still a concern most of the restrictions are longer in effect. The new guidance does talk about self-isolation and the squadron is still asking Staff, Cdets and Parents to do a self-assessment before every cadet activity. The COVID Self-Assessment Tool can be found at COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool. You can read the new Direction at CANCDTGEN 004/23 – Canada.ca. *NEW* Updated Direction for the 2023-2024 will be sent out as needed in the fall.