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Cadet Summer Course Training (CTC) Information


  • On 20 Dec 19, information about changes which are being implemented for Cadet Training Centres in the summer of 2020 was promulgated by the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group on Cadets Canada Facebook pages. Annex C, document attached, provides a summary of the changes as well as some Q & As that were published on 20 Dec 19.
  • It is acknowledged that these changes came somewhat as a surprise to corps and squadron staff and that the information provided to date leads to more questions, for staff as well as cadets and their families. Be assured that RCSU (Pac) staff are working diligently to assess the directed changes and formulate the necessary plans so that we can provide more information shortly. Given that the CTC establishments are needing to be aligned with the new course length and locations, selection of staff for positions will be slightly delayed. An updated list of staff positions by CTC will be promulgated on the RCSU (Pac) SharePoint as soon as possible and at that time, we will advise on the intended timeline for staff selections and offers being made.
  • The General Training (GT) course is being optimized for delivery in a single week, where cadets will arrive on a Sunday and depart on a Saturday, reducing the pressure on both staff and infrastructure, and filtering out the repetitive activities to ensure an exciting, 5-day experience for Sea, Army and Air Cadets. To maximize the effectiveness of our staff, GT courses will be consolidated at CTCs in Greenwood, Valcartier, Albert Head, Trenton and Vernon, with a single serial in Whitehorse to accommodate northern cadets. Each GT course will have an elemental training day where sea cadets will have an on-water experience, army cadets will participate in an introduction to expedition and air cadets will have an introduction to aviation.
  • For summer 2020, the following summer training courses will be held at Pacific Region CTCs:

 Military Band – Basic Musician,

 Military Band – Intermediate Musician,

 Military Band – Advanced Musician;

    • Vernon CTC:

Basic Drill and Ceremonial – Air,

Drill and Ceremonial Instructor – Air,

Military Band – Intermediate Musician,

Military Band – Advanced Musician,

Basic Fitness and Sports,

Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor;

    • Albert Head CTC:

General Training – Air,

Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace,

Basic Survival,

Fitness and Sports Instructor

    • Comox CFTC:

Advanced Aviation,

Glider Pilot Scholarship, and

Power Pilot Scholarship (conducted at various flying schools).

There are no serials for SIC, Pipe Band courses, Advanced Aviation Technician – AM and Advanced Aviation Tech – AO are not listed as they are out of region courses and the serials have not been posted yet.

  • Parental/Pick-up form – Cdt 118. If a parental/guardian pick up/drop off is to be made at the beginning of or end of the course, the Request for Parental/Guardian Pick Up/Drop Off of Cadets form must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian. Only the person authorized to pick up a cadet on this form will be permitted to transport the cadet away from the CTC. The person picking up a cadet will need to ensure that the proper out routine is done prior to taking the cadet from the CTC. Photo identification will be requested from the person picking up the cadet. This is for the safety and security of all involved.
  • The Staff Cadet CTC Application Deadline 1 Feb 20, this is for when all the expressions of interest must be entered into Fortress.
  • Cadets who have applied for NSTC, Exchanges or other advanced training courses, and have applied for a staff cadet position, will not receive an offer for a staff cadet position until it’s been confirmed they have not been selected for an advanced course or exchange. The staff cadet position will be held until a confirmation on the course or exchange is made.
  • All staff cadet applications must be submitted via participation applications in Fortress. In addition, it’s important to note that Staff Cadet applicants are expected to submit banking Information, TD1 & Void Cheque and a Cdt #199 form to Admin so that it can be forwarded to J1 Staffing at Offers of participation for selected staff cadets will be published in Fortress on or before the deadline. The corps/squadron administration staff will be required to enter the cadet’s answer in Fortress by the deadline noted above.

Air Cadet Course Flyer

CTC Changes for 2020

Cdt 118 – Parental Pick up or Drop off

Cdt 199 – Staff Cadet Information

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