Summer Virtual Cadet Training Courses (VCTC)

Updated information came in on June 11, please read the post for more details


  • Cadets MAY participate in both virtual and in-person Summer CAP activities as long as the dates do not overlap.
  • We will continue to load cadets on virtual courses until we are told to stop. It is likely June 15th will be the deadline due to Cadets365 Onboarding.
  • Cadets may participate in as many in-person Summer CAP activities as they’d like as long as the dates do not overlap. As of now, registration will be ongoing for Summer CAP  throughout the summer.
  • Virtual and in-person staff cadet applications are still open.  NOTE: Selections have not yet been started for Staff Cadets, virtual or in-persons. These selections will commence next week. There are still positions available so sign your cadets up if they’re interested. They must be 16 years old by the start of their contract to be considered. Pay information MUST be submitted to the OR in order to be selected.
  • Summer CAP (in-person training). Course registration is open for in-person activities being hosted throughout the LM this summer (see attached Summer Training Handout). 
  • Units ARE NOT authorized to conduct their own training throughout the summer.
  • Find attached a letter from Commander Gresmak to parents regarding summer training. Please ensure widest distribution if you haven’t already

Summer training course descriptions and other details can be found on the Canadian Government website or the CAP in Communities PDF. To register, complete the Sign Up Form. If Cadets have any issues with submitting the form they can send their information to

Any submissions made after this Friday run the risk of Cadets not being loaded into their top choices. The Region will continue to load until courses are full or are told to stop but every effort to have registrations completed before the end of the week is much appreciated.

Cadets MUST have their own personal e-mail address under contacts in FortressSummer Virtual Cadet Training Courses (VCTC) are described below.

Summer Training – please see the Placemats for course description and information.

Please note the following:

  • The Cadet has one email address in their contact information. (The office 365 accounts are auto generated so only one email address can be on their file)
  • Ensure that the email address is unique to the Cadet and not a family or parents email address. This ensures that the Cadet is receiving the login and account information.
  • Ensure that there is one main phone number on the Cadets Fortress Contact Information file.
  • If the Cadet is applying for multiple courses the selection priority on the course application must be filled in to show the Cadet’s preference. **If all the Cadets applications say “Priority One” there will be a delay in the Cadets application as we will need to work out the actual priority.
  • As of right now medical verifications and annual validations need to be completed prior to the Cadet getting approved for the course. If you have Cadets that wish to apply for summer VCTC (Virtual Cadet Training Course), the medical verifications must be completed and any last minute updates need to be communicated to your Zone Training Officer (ZTO).

Space is limited but the RCSU is working to get every Cadet who is interested in a course loaded and Cadets should not wait till June to submit their applications as course loading will continue throughout the month of May and and part of June.