SUPPLY – Parkas and Name Tags


Ø If you did not bring your parka in to the Supply Team whether it be a liner or a shell or a set……it needs to be checked in and recorded with supply.

Ø If you already brought your parka in please do not bring it in again. Any cadets who were just issued a parka in the last 2 weeks do not need to bring theirs in either.

Ø Do not worry if you brought your parka in and never got one back; we are working on it.

EXTRA PIECES-Please bring in any extra pieces of uniform you may have. Some cadets have 2 wedges…. We need to reclaim these. We are also missing some boots. I am also accepting blue dress shirts back into supply if you have extras or some that are too small. Help us to Keep supply running smoothly and having what we need in stock.

Name tag orders for returning cadets are due with payment on Thursday Sept 29th. A new order form for name tags is on the 583 web page > under supply tab.

New cadets will all be getting their first name tag free of charge; no need to complete order form. Order has gone in already.