Tag Days Nov 16th & 17th

Things to Remember:

Dress for the weather!!!

If you don’t have a uniform wear black dress pants, dress shoes, white shirt and nice jacket.

If you are working all day pack a lunch! Parents are welcome to drop off a lunch but cadets are not permitted to leave their site to eat at near by restaurants (ie McDonalds).

Cadets must pick up their money cans at the squadron prior to going to their assigned site. Please come into the squadron with your cadet as carpooling to and from sites will be arranged at this time. Driver volunteers are needed. All drivers will be required to fill out a form. Cadets must drop off their money cans to the squadron before being dismissed for the day.

Cookies Needed!!! The SSC will be providing the cadets with juice boxes when they return from their shift(s). We are asking for volunteers to bake/buy cookies for the cadets.

The shifts are as follows:

Sat Morning – Nov 16

8:30am Arrive at squadron

9am Arrive at site

12:30 Leave site to return to squadron

12:45 Dismissed from squadron


Sat Afternoon – Nov 16

12pm  Arrive at squadron

12:30pm  Arrive at site

4:30pm Leave site to return to squadron

4:45 Dismissed from squadron


Sun Morning – Nov 17

9:30am Arrive at squadron

10am Arrive at site

1:30 Leave site to return to squadron

1:45 Dismissed from squadron


Sun Afternoon – Nov 17

1pm  Arrive at squadron

1:30pm  Arrive at site

4:30pm Leave site to return to squadron

4:45 Dismissed from squadron


Not too sure what time your cadet signed up for? The schedule will be posted on the announcement section of the forum by tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.


A Message from FSgt Clarke: You have all heard of the devastation in the Philippines. The people there need basic blankets and warm coats because most of their things are contaminated. If you could when you come to tag this weekend bring in a spare warm blanket or coat we could bring these to Redcross.