The Sky’s No Limit – She is Anything!

You’re Invited to The Sky’s No Limit – She is Anything! 2024, an Aviation, Aerospace, Marine & Defence Diversity Outreach Event. EVERYONE of any age, gender or citizenship is welcome, FREE! The Sky’s No Limit – She is Anything! 2024, the World’s largest Aviation, Aerospace, Marine & Defence diversity outreach event at the Abbotsford International Airport, Abbotsford BC, April 27-28, 2024.

An EPIC, hands-on event that’s unique in the world! Fun for the whole family!

  • Free flights for female first-time fliers (any age!)
  • Meet a NASA Astronaut in person and learn first-hand about space!
  • Supporting agency and industry partners bring personnel, vessels, vehicles, aircraft, and other hands-on equipment and displays to showcase the various aspects of their activities. Personnel from all walks of life are eager to connect with you and share their experiences!
  • We’ve challenged all display partners to “out-cool” the others, and they have plenty of real estate available for fun demonstrations and scenario-based role-play with hands-on gear and equipment.
  • You’ll enjoy meeting many members from the various unique branches of the Military, RCMP, CBSA, Canadian & U.S. Coast Guard, and many other agency/industry partners from Aviation, Aerospace, Marine & Defence who annually support our events with several billion dollars of combined assets to inspire tens of thousands from Canada, the U.S. and beyond over the two-day event.
  • FOOD TRUCKS!!! After you’ve worked up your appetite, recharge your cylinders with delicious food, beverages & deserts! Check out who’s on site in  our Food Truck Brochure!

Is this event really free? Yes, it really is free for all participants, and that’s so everyone is able to attend, without any barriers to participation.

But this huge event is so amazing, how can it possibly be free for myself and my family? Who is paying for everything? That’s a great question! Our free-to-you event is actually ridiculously expensive and would be impossible for our under-funded non-profit foundation to offer on our own. Aside from financial sponsors, of whom we never have enough, we must depend very heavily on many in-kind contributions from the community, and we need hundreds of volunteers, in order to make our impossible event possible.

How can I help?  Another great question, and we really appreciate you asking it! Please consider volunteering with us – we still need many more volunteers! Anyone age 15 and up is encouraged to apply:

You could also help us out by reviewing our Wish List to see if you, or anyone you know, can help fulfil one or more items. We deeply appreciate and recognize all contributions large or small. Everything we receive is essential towards our ability to provide an incredible event to thousands of beneficiaries. Financial donations of any size are hugely appreciated, and formal financial partnerships are still available if your company would like to help us improve gender & cultural diversity in high-tech STEM fields. Please contact us:

We’re inspiring female future leaders from shop floor to top floor in high-tech STEM fields with incredible, FREE hands-on experience events!