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Squadron Standing Orders

Squadron Standing Orders (PDF)


Dear Cadet Families:

On behalf of the Sponsoring Committee, Staff and Cadets of 583 we welcome you to the Squadron. We hope that you and your Cadet(s) will find time spent with the Squadron an enjoyable and beneficial part of your lives.

The intent of this handbook is to provide some general information regarding cadet routines and answer questions concerning squadron activities. The cadet system is rich with traditions. This along with the jargon and acronyms alone can be quite bewildering to newcomers. We hope this handbook will be a window into the cadet sub-culture for new cadet family and provide an update and reference for returning cadet families.

First and foremost in describing the cadet programme is that it is a partnership, without which the cadet organization would cease to exist. On the military side there is the Department of National Defence (DND) and Canadian Forces (CF) while on the civilian side there is the Air Cadet League of Canada (ACL). The two halves of this partnership provide different and well defined aspects of support to the programme. Locally, the ACL is represented by the Parent/Sponsoring Committee. The DND and CF is represented by the officers and civilian squadron staff who work directly with the cadets in delivering the programme. Another group that is not to be forgotten are the parents who although not involved with the sponsoring committee provide vital support in the form of rides to cadet activities and fill other periodic needs. Visit the websites for further information: and

At 583, we strongly encourage cadets to take responsibility for their own development both professional and personal. To obtain optimum benefit, it is essential that an environment of trust, sincerity and co-operation be fostered between all parties.


Captain T.F. Middelveen, CD, Commanding Officer

Jian Han, Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair