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First Aid


Cadets will learn how to treat injuries and attend to someone injured. There is a Junior first aid team and a Senior first aid team.  Junior team members are under 16 years of age and Senior team members are over 16 years of age. Both teams are made up of 4 members plus 2 spares 

There is a  competition which is a set scenario where teams are judged on how well they handle the situation.

Additional Information:

  • Officer i/c: Officer Cadet Piddock
  • There will be 14 practices plus 2-day first aid course and a one-day competition
  • The first aid course will be held on  Saturday 16 November and Sunday 17 November
  • We practice on Monday evenings from 1830 until 2030 hrs at Squadron HQ
  • The following Mondays are scheduled for practices this year:
    • October 21, 28
    • November 4, 18, 25
    • January 6, 13, 20, 27
    • February 3, 10, 17, 24
    • March 2
  • Competition: March 7 Saturday (all-day)

First Aid Team:


Cadets learn basic and advanced First Aid Training.  Selected Cadets will attend a First Aid Competition. Cadets participate in provincially and federally approved first aid training courses.  Formal certification of either Emergency or Standard First Aid will be received upon completion of this program.


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