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• Officer in Charge: 2Lt Murray
• Practices: Sunday 1300-1630 Starting October 6th to May at Squadron HQ.
• Competition: To Be Determined
• The 2 range teams will be picked in December, and range will only be for them in January and February.  The rest of the year it will be a range for all cadets to participate and improve on their marksmanship skills and techniques
• Extra Costs: only for the range team if they decide on getting a t-shirt to show that they were part of the range team.


The Range Team practices under the supervision of a Range Safety officer. Cadets that are level 2 and up can attend range for fun, but may also participate as members of the range team which may enter regional or provincial competitions. Rifle types include both 22 caliber and air rifles.

Please contact Range Staff for practice times and for information about the range team.