Vancouver Sun Run – April 21

The Vancouver Sun Run Oasis Youth Challenge is organized and supported by Run Vancouver Holdings ULC. Our 583 Coronation Squadron team has over 20 runners registered, comprised of cadets, parents, staff and SSC members, and we have more youth than adults as required. Our results will be aggregated, and we’ll see how we compare to other similar teams. The deadline for registration was March 15th, so our team is set. We are still waiting for the team’s race kits (tech shirt, race bib and timing tag) to be shipped, and will let you know when to come in to the squadron to pick them up. Your parent/guardian will have to get you to the drop-off point at the Canada Place Welcome Centre (the kiosk in front of Canada Place), not far from Waterfront Station. We will meet there, do attendance, a before pic, a bit of a stretch/warm-up, make sure everyone knows how to get to their start corral and were to meet after. There are portable toilets at the entrance to each corral. Cadet runners will be paired up with a running ‘buddy’ and grouped according to ability and start corral. Each group should have an adult assigned as available, but all are expected to run together in their pairs as a minimum or in larger groups per start coral. We will all leave from our meetup spot and head to the respective start corrals in groups with running buddies. At the end of the race, we will all meet up for an after pic “under the Z” in the BC dome, where the post-run refreshments and activities will be. This will be the pick-up point for parents/guardians are to meet their cadets. The easiest way to get to and from the race is via the SkyTrain; park at the Coquitlam station and take the SkyTrain from there. Cadet runners, please coordinate with your parent/guardian for your trip to and from the drop-off and pick-up points.