Virtual Music Clinics: All Levels (based on your musical ability –  Basic through music level 5)

There will be three half-day music clinics offered virtually for cadet music levels Basic through five.

Saturday, September 16 & 23 & October 07, 2023

0800 – 1200 hrs. – Civvies (TBD). Virtual (via MS Teams). 

If you have never been assessed for music ability in the cadet program, apply for level Basic. Application deadlines and clinic dates are as follows:

Deadline                               Clinic date

September 14, 2023               September 16, 2023

September 21, 2023               September 23, 2023

September 29, 2023               October 07, 2023
Please note that the above deadlines are for us to nominate you in Fortress. If you are interested and want to be nominated, please let us know and for which level via email to